Facebook Ads vs. Boosted Posts: Which Is Better?

Facebook Ads vs. Boosted Posts: Which Is Better?

Many businesses have relied on social media marketing to improve their online presence, convert audience to loyal customers, and increase their overall sales. Among the best social media platforms to use for as a marketing tool is Facebook due to its 2 billion active users.

When we talk about Facebook marketing, there are two options you could choose from – boosting your existing post or going with Facebook Ads. So, the question is: Which one is the best for your business? Let's answer this question by getting to know these strategies better.

The Myth and Truth About Boost Post Feature

Some business owners will claim that they are doing advertising on Facebook by boosting their posts. However, in fact, the boost post feature is not advertising at all. If it's anything close, then it is considered as a vanity advertising.

Why is the boost post feature a vanity advertising? Well, it is simply because it claims to be a kind of advertisement, but the business does not get a lot of benefits from it. The best and most guaranteed thing you can get from it is increasing your post's reach. However, it is difficult to strengthen your website's traffic, improve the audience-to-buyers conversion, and increase sales. In short, it is just a waste of money.

How Facebook Ads Are Better Compared to Boosted Post?

If you are interested in the real Facebook marketing that provides better results, then you should stick with using Facebook Ad instead. For the same investment you will put on boosting your posts, you will get a more satisfying result with Facebook ads.

The difference with boost post feature and Facebook ad is that the latter offers you much more control. Having controlled marketing strategy is a far better than having a generic marketing strategy. Imagine reaching 100,000 people with your boosted post, but only 200 of them are potential clients, and only 50 out of these 200 potential clients convert to real customers. That's really a lot of wasted reach. That's what you get with boosted posts. However, with Facebook ads, you will reach 100,000 people who will contribute to your site's traffic, all of them are your potential client, and with a conservative estimate, 25% of them or 25,000 will be successfully converted as loyal customers. Now, that is what an efficient and effective digital marketing strategy is.

Why Some Business, Don't Do Facebook Ads Instead?

The most common reason as to why some businesses prefer to do boosting posts rather than relying on Facebook ads is because the boost post feature is a lot simpler. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the simpler is the better. Now, if your main concern is the complexity of making a Facebook ad, it is best to hire an expert Facebook marketer to do this thing. It is a lot more worth it than just spending your money to boosting posts and getting almost nothing from it. With an adept Facebook marketer and the perfect Facebook ad, your business can do better and grow bigger.