Outsource your Blog Content Writing Today!

Outsource your Blog Content Writing Today!

You can’t write a killer content for someone until you know everything about them. I personally interview all my clients to understand their business, goals, opportunities, obstacles and what they wish to achieve. I research their industry, competitors and market thoroughly before I come up and pitch my first blog to them.  But I always wonder what bring those clients to my doors and more importantly what’s that factor which is keeping many of the potential clients away from me. 

Thus, I conducted a personal research within my client base and even outside it to understand what are the basic factors that compel these businesses to hire or rather outsource their blog content writing. They had various reasons with which they are struggling like they are unable to find the topics, don’t have hours to invest in writing and the articles don’t really come out the way they want them to. But above all these, there were some reasons which were there but the businesses don’t realise them. 

So, let me list some of those reasons as well as benefits businesses can get by hiring or outsourcing their blog content writing:

  • Blog Writers have the expertise as they are professionals.

I know your business the best, but you only know your business. Rather a blog writer brings the invaluable perspective of the industry researching the market and the competitors. Their profession is only to do this research and be the industry expert so they can come out with stuff which your audience will love to read. They know how much regular blogs are important so regular updates to your blog will never be late.

  • You get that free time to focus more on the business

An entrepreneur is always working but you need more time to look into the different areas of your business which you can’t really outsource. You can hire a professional writer who will do the job best for you (better than your own self) and in turn, you are going to leverage your time. 

  • Follow the latest trends constantly

Following trends is a great strategy while you are focusing on content marketing for your business. It can help in boosting your content and even help your article go viral. But most of the business owners are busy with their daily business tasks, so following the trends every moment is some out of their reach. Thus, a professional writer will help you with that as well as ‘Following trends’ is the vital part of their business

  • Blog content brings you: Traffic, Traffic and more Traffic

Let me just be simple and straight here. If you have a business and have an internet presence (It’s needless to mention that if you have a business, you must be having a website), you must have a blog with lots of content. It might seem monotonous to you for some time but it really does affect your business bottom line. 

On an average, blogs result in an increase of both indexed as well as inbound links by almost 96% which may lead to more than 430% indexed pages. This actually means that businesses having active blogs get more Google search traffic and more visitors to their website thereby increasing their brand loyalty, sales and revenue.