Personalive Services Company follows a uniquely systematic approach to policy and strategy development, both of which play a part in pricing of service, something that affects the clients directly. We carefully assess every business to understand its history and future, including its business goals, and this information is used to recommend the best model to the client.

The fixed cost model

This model is ideal where project requirements are clearly defined from the outset. Knowing exactly what is expected of us, we’re able to provide fixed pricing for the entire project. This scheme presents little risk to the client who is assured of project completion within budgetary allocations and set timelines.
We will explain all involved costs to you and let you know what to expect at the time of delivery. Any changes to the project during execution will also be priced according to a pre-agreed scheme. We recommend this method for clients who are also end users of the project deliverable, since these require minimal input from the client once work is underway.

The offshore hire model

As the name suggests, this is the method most applied for clients who are located outside of India. Such customers outsource their development projects to us in order to reap the long-term cost benefits of offshore service/process outsourcing.
In this model, the client is exclusively allocated a portion of resources, man-hours and infrastructure according to their needs. These clients typically hire dedicated resources from a selection of packages designed to suit various client requirements. Such agreements are negotiated on short to long-term basis of three, six or twelve months – longer where the project warrants such commitment.
The functioning of the offshore team is to the client just as seamless as would have been had they hired in-house experts for the job. The client retains full control over resources and team members allocated to their project. In essence, the setup is similar to what would exist if the client had a dedicated offshore work centre dedicatedly working for them.