Who needs our hire developer services?

Your company needs to switch to running software development operations to a foreign firm. You created a site on your own using a template and now it doesn’t suit your requirements anymore, but you don’t know the first thing about coding. You’re looking to redesign your website to reflect your changing business or brand identity.

Whatever your background, you want a dedicated and highly skilled team of developers to reach and exceed targets you have set for your business. Hiring an in-house developer for a once-in-forever project would make no economic sense for your business. Instead, why don’t you come to Personalive Services? And why not, we are without doubt one of the best multifaceted web and mobile application development companies in India.

Why choose Personalive Services developers?

Because we have served thousands of clients ranging from startups and SME to blue chip Fortune 500 corporations, our team is made up of highly skillful developers who excel in both open source and proprietary technologies. You will benefit from the services of some of the best developers the business can offer according to your unique project needs, without having to shoulder the burden of having them on-staff.

Hiring a single developer is a capital project, let alone a team of developers when your project necessitates multiple developers. Through our competitive packages, you pay minimum dollar to get top-dollar work from a development team, because it makes sense for us to have them on-staff. You can drop us a line to take a look at our packages and projects, and set up negotiations for your own project once you are satisfied with our work.

What can our development teams handle?

The short answer: Everything. The slightly longer answer: every development framework that currently exists. Our professional team can handle various frameworks such as:

In addition, we are experts in ecommerce solutions in India and have set up online shop for hundreds of clients eager to utilize the internet for business. We approach your projects with passion and a keen ear. A keen ear because we tailor-make our solutions and that requires comprehensive knowledge of your demands, both expressed and hidden. So, if you are looking for an experienced and professional partner for your switch, try us today.

Service beyond the ordinary

At Personalive Services, we have set out to simplify processes for you. We put ourselves in your shoes. You will therefore find our variety of contract plans easy to understand and suitable for your needs. The contracts vary depending on the nature of the project, and can be modified to include any special needs your business has. The timelines however differ from 3 months up to a year for renewal. Billing can be done monthly or quarterly for convenience.

It is important to note that the source code rights at the end of the project will be yours. With our open approach to communication, you can talk to us at any time, and there will be a qualified staffer on hand to address any queries, concerns or clarifications that need to be made once the project is underway.

If it all sounds too complicated – papers, timelines, time differences – worry not, because it’s our job to work out all that complicated mumbo-jumbo, making your development projects breezy for you.

Get in touch with us to free up your time, money and other resources.