At Personal Life Services Company, we have carefully tailored web hosting solutions in order to ensure that your business makes the most out of available resources. In addition to all the standard features like guaranteed 99.9% uptimes, 24-7-365 technical support and free domain names, our packages include tons of custom features that will make your site faster, more secure and highly supported compared to many other hosting solutions.

As a web development company in India, we understand exactly what different clients need from a web hosting service provider, and we are able to do a lot more than your average hosting company to keep your data and website safe from unauthorized access. We are continually working hard to improve our security protocols to keep hackers at bay and give you the kind of speeds your business needs.


At Personalive Services, we allow you to benefit from fully customized managed services, and you’ll enjoy these benefits with our dedicated server packages.

Custom selections from fully managed to bare metal provision, white-glove web hosting and customized single tenant plans with every resource you may need

High-power hardware on all dedicated servers, including 128GB RAM and 1000GB super-fast SSD storage

Our service level agreements assures 99.999% uptimes to clients on network, hardware and infrastructure

Our service level agreements assures 99.999% uptimes to clients on network, hardware and infrastructure

Our service level agreements assures 99.999% uptimes to clients on network, hardware and infrastructure

Being an open-source CMS with worldwide acclaim, the CMS enjoys the continuous development support of a community of thousands of developers worldwide. As time passes, the CMS is updated to include even more features that enable faster and easier customization and design. As such, you can remain one step ahead of your competitors, provided you choose the right team during development.


Just like all of our web hosting packages, virtual private server hosting from Personalive Services comes with 99.999% guaranteed uptime, made possible by the latest high-performing SSD servers with generous allocations of RAM and SSD storage for all clients.

You can choose between three different hosting packages:

Having been in charge of a number of Internet projects over the years, we are conversant with the changing internet environment, and you can be sure that our products will come ready for deployment.s

What’s more, you get a few extras by choosing us as your web development company India, a fully optimized site which will make your investment much more meaningful. Don’t pay extra for an inferior product, contact Personalive Services today!

Self-managed VPS – only for Linux experts. Includes command-line server control, 24/7 support, root access and performance monitoring

Managed VPS – for fairly advanced techs familiar with control panels. Includes easy-to-use dashboard for control, performance monitoring and root access on request

Fully managed VPS – our team handles everything; you need no technical skills. Includes 24/7 high-priority response and a dedicated system admin handling root access and server management

Amazon Web Services Server Solutions and Support

From migration of your data and apps to AWS to running your cloud hosting access, we can handle every aspect of your AWS web hosting. This includes:

Design and maintenance of architecture to ensure ease of use

Highly advanced security protocols through operation tooling and updated security configurations to protect your data environment

A suitable balance of manpower and automation to ensure highest efficiency in app management

As a leader in cloud managed hosting in the country, with additional skills as a noteworthy ERP and CRM development solutions provider in India, we have what it takes for your cloud hosting needs, with service packages designed to suit your unique requirements. This way, you only pay for exactly what you need, and nothing more.

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