PPC or pay-per-click marketing is the tool used to generate traffic to a website through sponsored adverts. It is different from organically ‘earned’ clicks since one pays for the generation of clicks. There are numerous benefits to PPC and one of them is assured visibility within a very short period of time.

How it Works

It is quite simple really. You pay the search engine every time someone clicks on the advertiser, in effect sending the person to your website. The fee will be negligible if and when the campaign is well executed. This is because in such a case the value of business is a tiny fraction of what you pay for the ad. For instance, a $10 click could bring in a $500 paying client.

So how would you like to be one of the companies with a link marked yellow at the top of every search conducted in your industry?

Contact us to help you set up. Since everyone stands to gain from PPC, it never feels intrusive. Searchers gain from information which they have searched for. Advertisers like you have the chance of giving their clients messages that relate to what they want and finally, search engines are able to cater for both advertisers and searchers at the same time. The search engines are glad to achieve their mission and vision at a premium value. Personalive Services Company is there to guide you through the process and watch your business grow.

The beauty with how this kind of advertising works is that ad networks such as Google do not reward those who pay the most with higher frequency and larger space. They go for high-quality ads. This means, the better the ads, the greater the click-through rates and consequently, the lower the costs. You have a fighting chance just like any other large corporate with a website. With our guidance, having handled large projects for blue-chip companies, you have a silver bullet.

Google AdWords

The most popular PPC application is Google AdWords and it operates on the PPC model. Every time a consumer searches for something, Google goes through all bidding advertisers and picks a set of winners whose advert will appear in the space on the results page. These “winners” are usually chosen based on criteria combining many factors such as relevance of keywords and advert text, quality of the keywords and the size of the keyword bids too.

At Personalive Services Company, we understand the ins and outs of the ranking system (Ad Rank) used by Google. This is a metric calculated by multiplication of two vital factors.

• CPC (cost per click) bid
• Quality Score – This is a value which takes into consideration the relevance of the landing page and the click through rate.

There is no doubt that Pay-per-Click Marketing is good for you and it offers the chance for:

• Lead generation while keeping the cost low since one pays only after the click.
• Customer base growth - PPC reaches a specific prospect who other media may not as effectively.

At Personalive Services Company we follow best practices to optimally execute unforgettable campaigns using PPC. Contact us to set you up!

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